Welcome to the Intel Shotokan Karate Club

Founded in 1995, the Intel Karate Club seeks to provide all local Intel employees with the opportunity to train in the art of traditional Shotokan karate. The instructors are Gyuszi Suto, a 4th degree degree black belt, Ritchie Rice, a 4th degree black belt, and John Gierach, a 2nd degree black belt, all of whom have trained for over 10 years. The club has a very friendly atmosphere with very highly trained instructors, who are not only willing to take the time to teach but also share their valuable experiences over the years. Over 25 years after its founding, the dojo has several members (mainly Intel employees) who get together 3-5 times a week to train (see Training Times).

Karate is a highly-effective workout, burning up to 600 calories in an hour.
Activity Calories Burned in One Hour
Aerobics 354
Basketball 472
Bicycling 236
Health Club Exercise 325
Jogging 413
Running 472
Swimming 472
Karate 590

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