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Guidelines for Makiwara Construction

Dan Papers

Elements of Karate Muscle Control, Ritchie Rice, 4th Dan Examination Research Paper, October, 2019

Karate Specific Calisthenics Exercises, Gyuszi Suto, 4th Dan Examination Research Paper, May, 2019

Execution Speed and Impact of Various Karate Punching Techniques, Gyuszi Suto, February, 2019

Trip Reports

Training in Okinawa, Ritchie Rice, May 17th, 2019


Shotokan Kata Applications Vol. 1 - Bassai Dai, Empi
Vol. 2 - Kanku Dai, Tekki Nidan
Vol. 3 - Gankaku, Jion
Shotokan Katas Heian Kata 1-5
Tekki Shodan
26 Shotokan Katas
Sparring Concepts Vol. 1
Vol. 2
Essential Basics Vol 1
Essential Basics Vol 2 Body Dynamics and Fundamental Concepts
Essential Basics Vol 3 Kicking techniques
Advanced Shotokan Katas Vol. 1 (Tekki Shodan, Bassai-Dai, Jion, Empi, Kanku-Dai)
Vol. 1 (Bassai-Dai, Jion, Empi, Kanku-Dai)
Vol. 2 (Tekki Nidan, Hangetsu, Gankaku, Tekki Sandan, Jitte, Sochin)
Vol. 3 (Unsu, Chinte)
Vol. 4 (Kanku-Sho, Nijushi-Ho)
Advanced Shotokan Kata Vol 5 (Gojushiho-Sho, Bassai-Sho)
Advanced Shotokan Kata Vol 6 (Gojushiho-Dai, Wankan, Meikyo, Jiin)


Shotokan Karate Magazine Issues 41-43, 48-58
The Budo Journal of Classical Japanese Martial Arts and Culture Summer 94, Spring-Summer 95, Spring 96, Winter 96-97


Best Karate 8 (Gankaku, Jion) M. Nakayama
Best Karate 7 (Jitte, Hangetsu, Empi) M. Nakayama
Best Karate 6 (Bassai, Kanku) M. Nakayama
Best Karate 5 (Heian, Tekki) M. Nakayama
Best Karate 4 (Kumite 2) M. Nakayama
Best Karate 3 (Kumite 1) M. Nakayama
Best Karate 2 (Fundamentals) M. Nakayama
Karate-do: My Way Of Life Gichin Funakoshi
Traditional Karate (Competition Rules) ITKF

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